1. Just because I’m curious :3

    For thousands of years their has been stories from all around the world, mainly in Europe, of vampires and werewolves. Vampires being from Transylvania, and werewolves being from the same place, or more of the Nord (Vikings and followers of Odin) countries, German, Italy, and sometimes even France. Each time it changes just a little bit over time, and where there is a new fact there is a new thing to dispelled it.

    Everyone believes different things on the matter. Do I believe that werewolves starting in transylvania, NO. After reading a lot of back history there are very little from that country. It was mostly from the Nord (Viking) countries. Do I believe that they stand on two legs, NO. Do I believe that they turn into mindless animals, and are control solely on a full moon, NO.

    There is a whole list of noes for Vampires, but that would take days to go through. NO THEY DO NOT SPARKLE….if I here one thing about twilight I will kick someone.

    And yes this counts as paranormal, to me it does.

    Anyways..I want your opinion! Answer on the answer bar or as a comment. I would like to hear everyone’s idea.

    What do you think? Do they EVER exist? Do they still do to some extent?

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