1. Something at the door *Update*

    I’m looking after my fiancee’s grandparents right now, which I’m sure that I have told all of you, the dear readers, that they are very sick, and need a little help here and there.

    Tonight it is storming, and I’ve had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach for most of the day now, and I think I know why it is there now. I’m sitting in the room, my fiancee and my room, when his grandma gets a called from her oldest son. She doesn’t pick it up. He left the voice mail, and she listened to that instead. All I heard of it was ‘I might not make the night….I love you’, which is never good considering his heart is only working 35%, if that, and he went to the hospital the other day.

    I asked her what was wrong to see if that is what I really heard, and she just shook her head and started to cry to herself. I walked a bit into the kitchen to get my drink, and at the bedroom door I saw something small standing there. I could make out the body of a little creature, no taller than a foot. It was either smirking or had a sad smile, but it was quick little thing. The colors I saw with it was a skin color and white light. It didn’t feel bad, but…it felt cold..and sad…like it was sorry about something… :( I might not like her oldest son, but for her sake I hope that little creature isn’t the messenger I think it was.

    Advice or know what it is?



    It didn’t have anything to do with my fiancee’s oldest son. He was just being an asshole and making her cry again. One day he’s not going to get the chance to say ‘I might not make it…love you’ and just die, or she’s going to stop believe him.


    Not news that someone I knew from school passed away last night, early morning today. He was one of my fiancee’s friends.

    Why does it always have to be the good people to go.

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  2. Just because I’m curious :3

    For thousands of years their has been stories from all around the world, mainly in Europe, of vampires and werewolves. Vampires being from Transylvania, and werewolves being from the same place, or more of the Nord (Vikings and followers of Odin) countries, German, Italy, and sometimes even France. Each time it changes just a little bit over time, and where there is a new fact there is a new thing to dispelled it.

    Everyone believes different things on the matter. Do I believe that werewolves starting in transylvania, NO. After reading a lot of back history there are very little from that country. It was mostly from the Nord (Viking) countries. Do I believe that they stand on two legs, NO. Do I believe that they turn into mindless animals, and are control solely on a full moon, NO.

    There is a whole list of noes for Vampires, but that would take days to go through. NO THEY DO NOT SPARKLE….if I here one thing about twilight I will kick someone.

    And yes this counts as paranormal, to me it does.

    Anyways..I want your opinion! Answer on the answer bar or as a comment. I would like to hear everyone’s idea.

    What do you think? Do they EVER exist? Do they still do to some extent?

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  3. Last night and this morning

    It’s been over the last couple of days, actually, but it only seems to happen at night. I will see little flashes of colored light, sometimes they are white, blue, yellow, and very rarely, red. Now I know most paranormal things will flash like that in the corner of your eye so that you don’t have time to see them when you look at them. These little orbs of light (I know for a fact they aren’t orbs, too bright) well flash right in the line of my vision like ‘Here I am’ ‘See me!!’ ‘I’m right here!!’

    Not only that, but my cat will see them too. When one flashes he looks at it and will chirp like he’s going to attack it. He doesn’t seem scared of them, so I’m not. When he comes scared then I will.

    But I’m just wondering what they are. Personally, I think they are fairies, and yes I do believe in fairies. If I seem mushrooms in a circle, especially around a tree I’m more than careful not to step on it or hurt that tree. It’s just with fairies, as the folklore goes, they don’t really like humans because they are taking away their home and ruining the Earth, so why are they showing themselves to me. And they have for years, if that is what they are, and now the activity is starting to pick up more as well as other paranormal things.

    This morning I was about to drift back off to sleep after texting my boyfriend back, because he texts me before he goes to work. I start falling back to sleep when one of the bags in my room starts to be pressed by something. I didn’t know what it was. It wasn’t one of the cats, because my door had been closed, it wasn’t the wind, because it would have been even like that, and it wasn’t a mouse, every movement would be heard and it wasn’t. I even tried to remake it, but when it did it again I just left my bedroom, like ‘Okay, I will get up.’

    Do you know what these little lights are, are they indeed fairies?

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